what breed of cat are u?

Cats, almost every one loves them.they purr they love, they shed, there noble, kinda. Have you ever wondered what breed of cat you are? wonder no more!!!

are you a cat? Do you shed? [hope fully not]until now you can only wonder. but thanks to this great quiz, you shall wonder no more! cats are sweet, furry balls of love.

Created by: alix

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  1. do u ever fall asleep in the sun?
  2. what color fur do u want?
  3. what color eyes do u want
  4. what color is ur fave?
  5. what breed do u want, do u want maine coon
  6. do u want calico
  7. siamese
  8. sorry siamese is'nt an option
  9. im bored
  10. hi agin [no efect]
  11. sorry, the last question had a efect
  12. most every one has gotten calico, will u get calico

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