What BMI are you?

What Howrse.com Black Market item are you? This quiz will tell you which out of three of the Black Market items you are. Horn Of Plenty, Golden Apple, or Atalante Pack.

Which one do you think YOU are? Take this quiz to find out. Be honest, and be careful! You never know if one question will decide your entire outcome!

Created by: Cuteandgirly

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Someone wants to be friends with you.
  2. You enter a beauty contest. Your chances of winning are... (Be honest.)
  3. Your favorite color is
  4. Your favorite book is
  5. Your favorite animal is...
  6. Don't worry, the quiz is almost over.
  7. Your favorite author is
  8. Hello!
  9. Was that last question random?
  10. Your favorite rock is

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Quiz topic: What BMI am I?