What Avatar (Nickelodeon show) character are you?

Avatar (The Last Airbender) is one of the most awesome shows ever on any TV station. Nickelodeon has produced a show that parents can obsess about as much as their kids! Whether you are Aang, Toph, Azula, the Cabbage Merchant, or more, you still would like this show.

THIS QUIZ is the MOST ACCURATE Avatar personality quiz online today. You must work hard (and eat your blubbered seal jerky) if you want to get Aang. If you get Azula, then you are totally evil. Good luck on the quiz!

Created by: Isaac Mayer
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a vegetarian?
  2. Pick an element
  3. Where are you bored to death of?
  4. Who is your worst enemy?
  5. Do you have roots from
  6. How do people describe you?
  7. Catchphrase?
  8. Loss early in life?
  9. Are you getting bored?
  10. How many episodes have you seen?

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Quiz topic: What Avatar (Nickelodeon show) character am I?