What Animal is your Patronus?

This Quiz will show you your inner animal otherwise known as your patronus. There are 5 different choices that come with this quiz. At the end there are questions that have nothing to do with my quiz that is only because I couldn't think of any other questions.

Please enjoy my quiz and give me feedback. Hope you like my quiz. PLZ READ THIS WHOLE THING BEFORE TAKING QUIZ. This will also tell you a person that shares your patronus except for one result. Now enjoy the quiz and visit my page for more.

Created by: mvpender

  1. What is your favorite animal?
  2. What are your favorite colors?
  3. Which Hogwarts house would you want to be in?
  4. Which Harry Potter Character would you be
  5. Whats your favorite name out of these
  6. Do you love Harry Potter
  7. Which magic School would you go to
  8. Are you ready for your results
  9. Do you like traveling
  10. Last Question what is your reaction

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Quiz topic: What Animal is my Patronus?