What animal best fits your oc

This should help you learn what to use for your oc. I had some time. This tells you if your a Timberwolf/Scorpion/Alicorn/Earthpony/Unicorn or a Pegasus.

You must be looking for different but they will be here in the future like Crystal/Ursa Major/Reindeer/etc.etc. At that time I want you to test this out 5 times the common one you get is what you should draw.

Created by: Tarek pasley

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What bugs do you like
  2. What's your favorite color
  3. Continuous of the one above
  4. Do you like to fly and brew
  5. Do you like to brew
  6. Do you like to stay in a pack
  7. (Girls only)Do you get men
  8. (Boys only)Do you ...... Get girls lol
  9. You like Poison
  10. You like Wood #look at your house and think

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Quiz topic: What animal best fits my oc