What animal are you?

What animal do you think you are? maybe you like to show off a bit like a peacock, or you're always in command like a lion. Anyway. There aren't many answers as this is my first quiz, but I hope you enjoy it. ;)

What's your favourite animal? Maybe you're that animal. Or are you more loyal to your friends, like a dog. You might be fairly intelligent. Whatever you are, take this quiz to find out! Again, this is my first quiz, not every animal will be on here and maybe not even the animal you actually are, sorry about that. I hope you enjoy it though. :)

Created by: Al

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  1. What kind of person are you?
  2. RolePlay. You're walking down a street and there is a homeless person on the side of the road begging for money. What would you do?
  3. What's your favourite colour?
  4. Do You like the quiz so far?
  5. What do you normally do on the Weekend?
  6. What's your favourite element?
  7. BTW, This is my first quiz that I'm making, do like it? This is also an excuse for another question cause well, I'm new.
  8. What do you think you are?
  9. What's your favourite genre?
  10. Bye, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?