What animal are you?

Let's talk about bananas.... IDK why but its random. Bananas do not grow on trees idk why they don't but that is a myth someone had made up. So bananas are yellow and sometimes green if they are not ripe :)

Are YOU a banana? You could be one of course if YOU want to and want to be eaten.Thanks for taking your time on this quiz, especially when it took me about an hour or more to make this... Until next time I make another one ;)

Created by: princessdaisyninja

  1. What would you eat
  2. Would you rather...
  3. Do you like bananas?
  4. Hi^-^
  5. I'm bored are you? *scratches butt*
  6. What animal are you expecting to get?
  7. Are we done with the questions here?
  8. You just wasted about 2 minutes on this quiz
  9. If you thought it was worth it you were wrong MU HA HA HA HA
  10. Are you ready for what animal you are?

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Quiz topic: What animal am I?