what animal are you

this quiz is to show how people can have an inner animal. what ever it may be be proud because it is the inner you as well. now i know what your thinking inner animal thats stupid, but take it and find out for yourself.

animals are a way into a persons inner soul. take tis quiz and see if you are one of the four main animals. dont worry and take your time its not a rush quiz and time has no facter.ready? begin!

Created by: jonathan

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your favorite color
  2. you see a man fall and break his leg you...
  3. when with friends you like to...
  4. what do you dream of
  5. someone asks you for money what do you do
  6. where do you go on vacation
  7. from question 8 who do you take with you on vaction
  8. do you like other people in you house
  9. do you belive in love at first sight
  10. witch of these is your favorite

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Quiz topic: What animal am I