what +anima animal power would u have

this quiz gives an idea of what You might be in the World of +animau might not like what you het but its just my word u have the choice to believe it or not so go ahead and take if u wish good luk

If u have ever wonder this question or u saw it and were curiose well go ahead and try You have nothing to lose i will highly appreciate it so if u dont know what +anima is it is manga about a world of humans and a species call +anima who have powers of animals like wings tails fins but they can turn it on and off its just a stor about a group and there adventures well hope u like my quiz

Created by: EHastings
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is Your Favorite Type of Animal
  2. Who is your Favorite character on +anima
  3. What is Your Favorite Element
  4. What is your fav weapon
  5. What animal would u take on your journey
  6. What Person in a +anima Group would u be
  7. quick think fast answer anyone
  8. Favorite Super power
  9. Who would u rather travel with
  10. asdashdas

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