What aniaml are you most like?

There are dozens of beautiful aniamls in the world. I have selected a handful, take my quiz to see what you'll be, you may be suprised. Come on give it a try, lol that sounds creepy :)

Come on you know you want to... tw a few spelling mistakes, I can spell but i type fast so often make mistakes. But anyway take the quiz to find out which animal you are

Created by: Wolfiechick

  1. How often do you resort to violence?
  2. Whats you favourite from the list below?
  3. Someone calls you a retard and pushes you to the ground. You..?
  4. You prefer to wear which of the following?
  5. Favourite activity?
  6. Choose your favourite place?
  7. Your favourite Element
  8. Your least favourite animal
  9. Fvaourite colour
  10. You think you'll be..(No effect)

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Quiz topic: What aniaml am I most like?