what adventure time character are you???

This is just a short quiz that I made instead of studying.So enjoy the quiz.There is 10 characters you can get.Also its not a good quiz I was bored :)

The possible characters you can get are : Finn, Jake , Fionna, BMO, Ice King, Prince Gumball, Princess Bubblegum and flame princess. So enjoy taking {answer honestly.}

Created by: Kai
  1. what would you do if there is a child crying
  2. what is your gender identity??
  3. what is your segguality??
  4. what's your favorite color out of these
  5. What do you do during a battle??
  6. pick a side kick
  7. What is your sense of humor??
  8. You're bored what do you??
  9. Who is your favorite character
  10. What type of music do you like??

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Quiz topic: What adventure time character am I???