Werewolf personality quiz

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Many humans out there wonder what type of werewolf they would be. This will tell you your color and personality. This is a quiz with pictures and more than one result!

Are you a red, silver, grey, black, yellow, brown, or white werewolf? Find out your fur color and personality. Answer honestly or as close as you can to something you would do?

Created by: Swiftclaw
  1. A young werewolf from a rival pack is on your territory he has a rabbit in his mouth and is heading back to his land. Your pack has warned the other pack to stay off the land. What will you do?
  2. You have the day to do whatever you want you...
  3. You see a human child in the woods, the child is lost and is crying, what do you do?
  4. In battle you...
  5. What do you think of humans?
  6. A fire is raging in your forest, burning everything in sight, the pack is fleeing for their lives, you notice some of the older werewolves start to fall behind you..
  7. A burning tree has fallen and is blocking your leader, mate, your pup and your best friend, who do you save?
  8. You are wandering alone and you see a werewolf eating a moose, you are starving you..
  9. You are walking and to your horror see 3 drowning werewolf pups, the river is dangerous and the pups are being swept toward a waterfall! what do you do?
  10. Its a burning hot day, you..
  11. Its time to howl, you sing your song to the sky, what do you sing off?
  12. OWWWWWWW you stepped on a thorn its really hurting but your supposed to hunt...
  13. The most important thing?
  14. You are upset what would make you feel better?

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