Were You A Pegasus In Your Previous Life?

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Many people believe that when you die you change (you may die as a dog but be born as a human). Many people (especially children) believe that pegasi exist.

Is there a connection? Some people believe there is and I certainly do. So, if you do want to know, then rest. This quiz will tell you! Find out know!

Created by: horsecrazy24601
  1. Do you ever feel like you can fly?
  2. Are you a one-person person?
  3. Can you ride horses?
  4. Which of these type of books do you like the best?
  5. Your favourite music is...
  6. What is your favourite magazine?
  7. What is your favourite colour for a horse?
  8. Your favourite food is...
  9. If you could have any bedding, what would you have
  10. What is your favourite jewell?
  11. Do you dream, mainly, about...

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Quiz topic: Were You A Pegasus In my Previous Life?