Welcome to My World

This is a quiz that's basically about my mind. The two (Or three or four) Answers for each question would be an answer if I were talking to myself. Y'know how that works? Yeah.. Like that..

Well, It's not random, No matter what you think. It's just the way I think. So, Enjoy the pure complications of my genuis mind! And Bon Appetite, Enjoy.

Created by: OZZYIOMMI

  1. Hey, I'm Ozzy! *Rolls eyes* I'm like.. Part of Ozze. No, I'm not named after her. I'm named after Ozzy Osbourne. AND I'M NOT AN IDIOT. I'M JUST DYSLEXIC.
  2. *twitches* I have a brother named Skit. He's NUTS. And he hides in my closet alot. He has... Problems. Me: Ozzy, You're an alcoholic, You have problems. Oz: Shut it!
  3. Welcome to my world! Now, If you don't mind, You can listen to all the pretty colours or look at my words.
  4. My best friends a blonde. My other best friend is a brunette. My third best friend is imaginary. I don't have that many best friends.
  5. Me: You are what you eat! Ozzy: MMMM! NUTS!
  7. Russian Roulette with a Trigger Happy Manic Depressive
  8. I hope you know that the last question was a song, And I wasn't going to commit suicide ^^
  10. So, I'm writing two books: The Serum (Previously 'The Insanity') And Against All Odds: Subject 409210 (Previously 'Subject 40921'). I'm also writing Game and Band/Song/Album reviews on my website. And Writing lyrics for songs (Which I just started up again) and Writing another book, Which I haven't started yet. It's an encyclopedia of Metal acts ^^
  11. Have you realized that only 3 of these subjects were questions, And I only wrote one out of all of them?
  12. Have you realized there are now 4 questions?
  13. Y'know that ones too much,
  14. Teeheeeeeee....
  15. God, I like the rain. One of the times I'm happy. ^^ God, I sound like Randy. (Only Alana would Get this...)
  16. Bye ^^ I LOVE DIS QUIZZZZ!

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