Wedgie punishment quiz!!

There is six choices see what one you’ll get and hopefully it won’t be too bad or hopefully it will be really bad if you want it to be hehe have fun ;)

So I um don’t really know what to put here and if you read this the um i don’t know good luck?? But um seriously have fun with this quiz it’s all sh¡ts and giggles

Created by: Velvet
  1. What color underwear are you currently wearing
  2. What type of underwear are you wearing
  3. Do you like wedgies
  4. Who will give you this wedgie
  5. What wedgie is your favorite
  6. Do you like being humiliated?
  7. Will you do whatever you get (does not change outcome)
  8. Will you comment what happened?
  9. This is my first quiz do you like it?
  10. Last chance would you like to try change your answer to something else?

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