Wedgie ouchies. For girls only

So when you enter this quiz, please know that you MUST do thus wedgie or that wedgie. You guys inspired me to do this so you guys will do this, if you agree to take the quiz.

In this quiz there are 7 or 8 questions. Take the quiz and find out what daring wedgie you must do. The wedgies for girls only invention will be fun for girls around the world.

Created by: Moomoocow64

  1. Are you younger than 18?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. What wedgie do you want
  4. If you could, who would you wedgie?
  5. If you were about to give ME a messy wedgie, what kind of texter would you put in my panties?
  6. Are you sick of this quiz?
  8. So anyway, let's say a kid walks up to you and ticks you off would you...
  9. This question will be tricky. Pick a b or c, then the next one you must match up. Ex: Q9: C Q10: C
  10. Now these is what A B and C was for

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