wat color is ur soul painted? GUYS AND GIRLS THIS TIME!

souls....souls...souls....mysterious little things....but if we didn't have one i guess we couldn't even move!!!! oh no!!!! hahaha...lol. souls....souls....souls...

wat color is UR soul painted? r U an emo? lol...so r u full of darkness? r u full of joy? r u full of peace? r u full of-ohh u get the point.......well u better take this quiz! nah...u don't have 2....or DO u??? o.O

Created by: sylvia2245

  1. wat is ur favorite color out of these?
  2. which one of these names do u like the MOST???
  3. wat couldn't u live without?
  4. u like _______ movies (fill in DA blank)
  5. r u CrEaTiVe?
  6. pick one out of these...
  7. some DuDe walks up 2 u and slaps u 4 some reason....weirdo....wat do u do?
  8. ur fave kind of band/celebrity?
  9. ur interested in....
  10. ur interested in....
  11. ur personality?
  12. true or false: u love to play the guitar
  13. true or false:u love 2 play the piano
  14. this is the last true or false question: u love to dance
  15. will u rate this quiz?
  16. will u comment on this quiz?

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