Was the quiz you created actually good?

There are many fairly decent quizzes in the world, have you ever wondered if your quiz was good? Why, WHY wait or the hurtful comments and disappointingly low ratings when you could simply answer a few simple questions?

Did YOU make a good quiz? Do you have the quiz-making ability few others have? Would you like too find out? Well stop reading this and answer the questions!

Created by: nerd
  1. Did you use questions such as "are you smart" "are you cool" or "are you kind/nice"?
  2. How often did you use capitals?
  3. Did you use the questions "what is your gender" or "what is your age" ?
  4. did you add the answer "other" on to question such as " Whats your favourite ______?" "which word do you use most" or other questions like that?
  5. did you use text speak in your quiz?
  6. did you use gibberish or repeated characters?
  7. Did you associate what people look like or their names with what they like and prefer?
  8. How many other quizzes shared the same as yours?
  9. Did some answers not count?
  10. if it was a multiple result quiz how many results did you include?

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