Warriors- Which cat are you?

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This is just a fun quiz to see which cat you are. It’s not actually about finding who you are. That’s ridiculous. No personality quiz could actually find out who you are.

We are all unique in different ways. No person is the same. Even twins! So don’t think that if you get a panaroid cat you are panaroid. No! It’s just a quiz.

Created by: Emberflight

  1. Your friend is planning to kill the leader! What’s your first move o wonderful warrior?
  2. MEDICINE CAT STUFF!! Which is the correct herb for shock?
  3. You are leader. You need to pick a warrior name for three apprentices. One has a scar on his ear. The other one has dark brown fur. The last one has dark brown green fur that looks like moss.
  4. There is a badger in your territory. It can’t stay here! How do you get rid of it?
  5. Who is your favourite StarClan cat in the WORLD!?
  6. Who would you pick as an apprentice?
  7. MORE MEDICINE CAT STUFF!!! which herb puts cats to sleep?
  8. Would you want to be deputy or leader?
  9. Would have kits?
  10. LAST ONE! Do you even READ WARRIORS?

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Quiz topic: Warriors- Which cat am I?