Warriors Quiz: Into the Wild

The warrior series is a wanderful series and if you liked the first book, please take this quiz! XD If you don't like that series and never read the first book then i ques you dont have to do anything :

If you are a wikipedia of warriorness, then take this quiz and challenge your nolledge of the warrior kind. Rusty will give you a yell if you get a 100% :3

Created by: kassady
  1. Who is the deputy of Thunderclan when the book first starts?
  2. Who was the first cat to greet Rusty when he entered the forest?
  3. What do they describe Longtail as in the allegiance?
  4. Who ended up being Firepaw's mentor?
  5. Which cat did Firepaw meet on his assesment?
  6. Who kills Spottedleaf?
  7. What is the prophecy Firepaw is supposed to fulfill?
  8. What do the cats call humans?
  9. Who are Firepaw's best friends?
  10. What is Firepaw's warrior name?

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