Warriors: Forest of Secrets-How Well Do You Know the 3rdBook

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This is my third Warriors quiz! How did you like the previous ones? I actually tested them with my parents. Sometimes they don't know what it is...hehehe... >:3

Try to get the answers right, its ok, try again if you don't like the score you got at the end. I am making the Rising Storm quiz next. Pls rate this quiz! Plz.

Created by: Brittanya

  1. In the beginning of the book, Oakheart gives Graypool two kits to nurse. Who were they and who is the real mother?
  2. With Brokentail/star is now a prisoner in ThunderClan, what does Tigerclaw think?
  3. How does Graystripe and Fireheart know that Tigerclaw really did kill Redtail?
  4. When speaking with RiverClan, what does Mistyfoot tell him?
  5. What does Graystripe tell Fireheart about him and Silverstream?
  6. What happened after the thaw?
  7. Who's kits do Fireheart and Graystripe save?
  8. Why do Fireheart and Graystripe hunt for RiverClan?
  9. What does Cinderpaw save Cloudkit from?
  10. Which two cats save Fireheart from almost being swept away from the rushing river?
  11. How does Silverstream die?
  12. Who does Fireheart save Bluestar from?
  13. Why does Tigerclaw get exiled?
  14. Who does Tigerclaw ask to come with him ((In order))?
  15. Who does Bluestar choose as the new deputy and why?
  16. Who leaves ThunderClan for RiverClan and why at the end of the book?

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Quiz topic: Warriors: Forest of Secrets-How Well do I Know the 3rdBook