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Welcome to the warrior cats quiz! Are you a fan or just love quizzes? Well you'll love this! This quiz goes from easy to hard so I hope you're ready! (:

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Created by: Unicorn
  1. How many clans are there?
  2. What comes in between? Oakstar then.......then Sunstar then Bluestar then....... then Bramblestar
  3. How many series are there?
  4. What clan was Tawnypelt formally in?
  5. Who dies?
  6. What happened to Leafpool?
  7. What was Owlstar's warrior name?
  8. What are Thunderstar and Violet Dawn's kits called?
  9. Who was Spottedleaf's two loves?
  10. How many books in each series ?
  11. How does Rosetail die?
  12. Who was the first leader to die?
  13. Who killed Spottedleaf?

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