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This is ANOTHER warrior cats love story! I know you probably see these all the time, but in all honesty, they are fun to make! I can see why so many exist. Heatherpaw, Ashpaw, Iguanapaw, and Sunnypaw are all here!

These are the cats to choose from. (Obviously there’s a nobody option, but like- why are you playing if that’s what you came here for??? Anyway, have fun and enjoy!

Created by: KindledsunTheTortie
  1. Choose your name (This Does Not Affect Your Score.)
  2. Choose your gender (Also Does Not Affect Score)
  3. As the leader stares down at you and your friends, you pull back your ears timidly. The apprentice ceremony is a big deal. “_____kit (aka you), you are now ______paw. Heatherkit, you are now Heatherpaw. Ashkit, you are now Ashpaw, Sunnykit, you are now Sunnypaw, and finally, Iguanakit, you are now Iguanapaw.” Highstar smiled at 5 warriors. “You five, I hope you will mentor these apprentices and pass on your knowledge to them.” You get Hollypelt, which is who you were hoping for. When the others get their mentors, you:
  4. You touch noses with Hollypelt, and your and your friend’s mentors lead you to the apprentice’s den. It is nice and warm in there, and you think:
  5. ( {_____} is your crush.) As you settle into your nest, {_____} glances at you. You notice, and smile back at {______}. You decide to fall asleep and deal with it tomorrow. You dream about:
  6. The next day, you promised yourself you would deal with {_____} today. {_____} is already awake, so you tell them to come with you. You tell them:
  7. (If you said answer A): {_____} nods slowly. “Yes, ____paw. Yes, I do like you.” You knew this, but you just wanted to squeeze it out of them. “I… me too.” You say. (Answer B): {_____} sighs and walks away from you. They leave without a word.
  8. You go to look at the boarders with Hollypelt. The Thunderpath intrests you a lot. “_____paw, the Thunderpath is dangerous.” Hollypelt says, as a TwoLeg monster whizzes past you, and causes you to cough. Hollypelt sniffs the air. Her eyes widen. “Quick, fox scent!” Hollypelt exclaims. You sprint past, away from the fox scent. When you make it back to camp, {_____} approaches you. {_____} asks if you are okay, as Hollypelt tells Highstar about the nearby fox stench. To {_____}’s response, you:
  9. Highstar sends a patrol out to find where the fox is, and sends his deputy, Brighttail out as well. You smile at {_____}. They smile back, as you twine tails once more. You don’t want to be rude, so you go with it.
  10. CLIFFHANGER! Also theese take a long time. In the next one, you will have become warriors, and a new cat will come into play. (Ooo, new ship option.)

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