Warrior cats -Lilysplash's love story- only for she-cats!

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Hi! My name is Wavewhisker, a queen in riverclan. This is my first quiz of this series, Lilysplash's love story! I made many quizes, mostly warrior cats love story, so keep track on my quizes! Okay, have fun!

This is a warrior cat love story. A young she-cat in riverclan named Lilypaw will choose who she really likes and who will be her mate in the future. The choice is yours, so you can choose whatever tom you like. Well, see you at the quiz! Hope you like it!

Created by: Wavewhisker

  1. This is your first day as apprentice! You are Lilypaw, a black and white she-cat with yellowish-green eyes. You have a brother named Rainpaw, a bluish tom. You are in riverclan.
  2. You went inside the apprentice den and saw two toms chatting with each other. "Oh, hey, you must be Lilypaw." One of them called to you. "I'm Leopardpaw. Nice to meet you." What will you answer?
  3. "Can you tell me who's who?" You asked Leopardpaw. "Sure." He answered, and then turned to the other toms in the apprentice den. "This is Rowanpaw. He's the oldest of all the apprentices. And..." He leaned closer to you and whispered, "He is a little coo-coo." You pinched yourself, trying not to laugh. Rowanpaw looked at you, and said, "Oh, hey, you are Lilypaw, right?"
  4. While you were talking to Rowanpaw, a another tom padded to you. "Hi. What's your name?" He asked to you. "I'm Lilypaw." You answered, watching at his V-shaped torn ear. "Oh, you must be the new apprentice! My name is Valleypaw. Nice to meet you." Valleypaw noticed you looking at his ear, and said, "I was in a battle, and the Windclan cat tore my ear. That's why I am named Valleypaw. Anyway, congratulations becoming an apprentice, Lilypaw."
  5. You trotted after your mentor, Feathermoss, bouncing with joy. "Now you scared all of the prey in this forest." Rowanpaw sighed in front of you, but his eyes were glowing with amusement. "Rowanpaw, you are older than Lilypaw. Show her how to hunt fish." Feathermoss said, and Rowanpaw turned to the river. His eyes were fixed at one point, and soon he scooped up the fish from the river.
  6. You came back to the clan, carrying the huge fish you hunted. "Nice fish, Lilypaw!" Leopardpaw came out of the apprentice den, smiling. "Thanks, Leopardpaw." You licked your chest, shyly.
  7. You were tired after your first day of training, and crept into the apprentice den. "Well, how was your first day of training?" Valleypaw called from his nest. The other two was sound asleep. "It was good." You answered, and rolled into your nest. Soon, you felt Valleypaw rolling in next of you.
  8. The next morning, you woke up and went to the prey pile, hoping to get a snack before training. "Hey, Lilypaw!" You heard Leopardpaw calling you and looked back. Leopardpaw was carrying a big trout. "Wanna share? I wanted to share this with Rowanpaw, but... looks like he's sick." How do you answer?
  9. "Lilypaw!" You heard Valleypaw trotting to you as you finished your meal. "We are going to gather herbs for Rowanpaw. Do you want to come with us?" "Did Feathermoss say it's okay?" You asked, and Valleypaw nodded. "Then..sure!" You woke to your paws, and followed Valleypaw into the forest.
  10. You gathered many herbs for Rowanpaw, and came back to camp. You entered the medicine den, and passed the herbs to the medicine cat, Aspenfur. He quickly placed the herb to Rowanpaw, then hurried outside to bring more into the den. "How is it?" You asked Rowanpaw. "I'm okay. Don't worry about me." Rowanpaw answered, his voice steady.
  11. This is it for this quiz! How was it?

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