Which of my warrior cat Oc's are you most like?

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Hello everyone! This is Dovewingfan, and this is my third quiz. If you have not tried my first two quizes, please take them. They are called 'Warrior cats love story for she-cats only' and 'which of my five clans do you belong to'.

Now, onto this quiz. This quiz will tell you which of my warrior cat Oc's you are most like. Please do not take any of my characters without my permission. I give credit to FeatherDraws for letting me use two of her Oc's for this quiz. Please rate or comment! Thank you and enjoy!

Created by: Dovewingfan
  1. Are you a tom or a she-cat?
  2. What is your favorite color part 1? (Part two is below with more options; if you don't like any of the colors for this part, choose i don't like those colors)
  3. What is your favorite color part two (if you already chose a color, click I don't like those colors)
  4. What is your best skill?
  5. Which warrior cat siries is your favorite?
  6. Which of these would you name your kit?
  7. Which of these words speaks to you
  8. What is your favorite mythical animal?
  9. What weather do you prefer?
  10. One last question; do you think I should make more quizes?

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Quiz topic: Which of my warrior cat Oc's am I most like?