Warrior Cats: Forbidden Love

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It's just a warrior cats story. I hope you liked it! btw ima just write gibberish until this thing and the thing below it is lond enough.. yjjbsbhsbhh

uhbdbdhbhdbhbhb hdbbhebdehebdbedhedbjdhb hdbhbwdn dnwbdhewbnbebdehbdnhwdbhwebbhebehbhbhebhbhebbehebebehbwehbdhhhhjhhhhhbdh i didnt know what to write-

Created by: waffle
  1. Hello, this is just gonna be a story.
  2. You opened your eyes in the nursery. You saw your mother for the first time, Yellowtail. She was a white she-cat with a yellow tail and yellow splotches. Suddenly, you felt very hungry.
  3. After you ate, you noticed a ball of moss sitting in the corner of the nursery. You snatch it and find someone to play moss ball with. Do you:
  4. Whatever you chose, you had a fun time playing. (fast forward) It's time to have your first bit of fresh-kill! what do you choose?
  5. It's your apprentice ceremony. You walk up with Brightkit, your name is now ____paw and your mentor is Brindlefur. She's kind and loyal. When you get to your den, you have a bully, his name is Sunpaw. He calls you a mouse-brain.
  6. You go out on a hunting patrol with Voleclaw, Sandfur (the deputy), and Sunpaw. You see a frog and a starling. Which do you attack first?
  7. if you picked the starling OR the frog, you caught it, but if you picked anything else, it ran away. There are 2 more moons until your assessment, what do you do?
  8. You're going to the last gathering as an apprentice, and you see a handsome, white Riverclan male helping an elder. So kind! Your face feels hot and you think your blushing...
  9. You found out his name was Whiteface. It was his first gathering as a warrior, so he was nervous. He asked you to meet him at the great rock tonight. What did you say?
  10. It's your warrior ceremony! Your name became ______ and when it was your first gathering, You went straight to Whiteface. He told you to meet him again.
  11. Whatever you picked, your feet brought you there. Whiteface said that he loved you. You whispered into his ear:
  12. The next day, you noticed your belly was swelling. You haven't even eaten that much! Then you realized...you had Whiteface's kits! how did you react?
  13. Whatever you picked, you eventually told Mosspelt. You told Mosspelt the father didn't want to say who he was. (fast forward) You realized you were starting kitting.
  14. Whatever you picked, Mosspelt heard and when night came, you had 3 beautiful kits. Yellowtail was a warrior now, so you came to show her the kits in the morning. She loved them
  15. Whiteface asked what to name them. He suggested Berrykit, Cloudkit, and Spottedkit. What do you say?
  16. Whiteface quietly asked you if you wanted to join him in Riverclan and bring the kits.

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