Warrior Cats: A love story (she-cats only)

I was inspired to write this warrior cats love story (remember only she-cats lol) because on Gotoquiz.com I saw some of these and I thought they were really cool. Make sure to check them out!

This love story has three toms and you, Nightshade, who is a rogue, that is black, and has an almost straight gray line down your back. I think you will like this adventurous packed story!

Created by: iLuvCats#&22

  1. You woke up in the morning, looking around the forest. You thought “I smell food :3”. You followed the scent of the rabbit, but then, just as you laid eyes on it, it ran away, and a tom leaped out out the bushes, taking it down. He was a beautiful calico, with a scar on his left back foot. What do you say?
  2. (No matter what you said) Hello? Who are you? Oh, and I’m Flameclaw, sorry that I took your kill. You would respond:
  3. You would walk in the forest with him, but then you come across a twoleg house. What do you do?
  4. (No matter what you put) Flameclaw sneaked up to the twoleg house, and you followed. Then (through the door), the twoleg walked out. You and Flameclaw walked in and saw a different tom sleeping. Then he woke up, and said, “Who are you two? Anyways, I’m Carson! Have some food!”. What do you do?
  5. A few hours later: (after doing ing whatever you chose) You asked Carson if he wanted to come outside with them, and he said, “is it safe?” “More or less”. You replied.Ok...I’ll come. :) . You three walked along the river, but then you came to a fork in the river. Which way do you follow?
  6. (Whoever picked) You three went down the stream and you ran into two foxes! What do you do?! D:
  7. (IF YOU RAN THIS IS THE STORY IF NOT ITS AFTER YOU TRIED EVERYTHING AND THEN RAN)The foxes caught up to you. You chased one away by slashing it in the face. Two more came in. They all tackled you and we’re waiting for their leader’s command to kill. Then, a beautiful rogue tom jumped out of the trees, tackling the leader, almost killing it. Who are you? You asked. “I’m Riverstone. Who are you three?” All of you tell your names (maybe finally), and what do you say?
  8. (This does not effect your grade, but this is my 1st quiz, and I need honest feedback, even if it is bad feedback, so I can improve, thanks! Also, I found these quizzes on this website, and they inspired me. Check them out!) How did you like the quiz?
  9. To see the other answers answer these questions so you know what they are like.
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