warrior cat names

HI how ya going you think you can get the best one come along with me and try 1..2...3...4...5 SURPRISE! where's your favorite spot tell us down below!

Thunderclan,Riverclan,Windclan,Shadowclan?put your bet in! wanna know what you got step right up to know come on play along. strong,fast,slippery,sly?

Created by: moondove

  1. your friend is in trouble but you are not allowed to leave camp what do you do?
  2. its half moon and your leader doesn't pick you to go how do you react
  3. your in the middle of a battle and a cat you don't like is in trouble how do you react?
  4. what gender are you?
  5. what clan are you in?
  6. what would you be
  7. do you have kits
  8. favorite cat
  9. a fox is in your territory but it is injured and has cubs what do you do
  10. where is your favorite spot

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