Warrior cat love story ; part 1

So I did a different warrior cat quiz, but I’m gonna make a new one. Okay, so, every character is by me. Also. My device is about to die, so I’m gonna go, bye!

Ugh, welll, I think you know what this is, I really got to stop typing now, so, bye bye..,, pancakes, apples, cake! I have to say random words okay, it’s at 160

Created by: Widowsight

  1. Okay, before we start, your a white tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Your name is Rainkit, that clear? By the way, this doesn’t effect your answer.
  2. You open your eyes to see your sister, a dark gray tabby she-kit with blue eyes stand over you. “ACK!” You scream, “your face!” Dawn kit giggles. “Don’t do that to your sister,” your mother, a pale gray tabby she-cat with frosty green eyes mewed. “Whatever, I came in to see if you wanted to play with me, Snakekit, and Curlkit.” Dawn kit rolled her eyes. “Sure,” you yawn and stretch and follow her out of the nursery.”
  3. A gray Tom with black stripes and green eyes is yawning near the fresh kill pile, next to him, was a pale tabby with green eyes. That must be Snakekit and Curlkit, you think. “Hey,” Snakekit said cooly. “Hi!” Dawnkit giggled. Curlkit stares at Dawnkit and then looks at you.
  4. A dusty tabby Tom with blue eyes came over and stared at you. ‘If you like Gordgepaw, you blush and he looks away, if you don’t, he just looks away’ “alright, we’re playing Moss Tag” (moss tag was made up by me) Snakekit mewed shortly, “we’re going to be on teams, Dawnkit your with-“ “I’ll be with Snakekit,” Dawnkit interrupted him.
  5. “Okay…” Snakekit says awkwardly and then mewes, “who wants to be referee?” “ME!” Curlkit bounced. “I guess I’m with Rainkit then,” Gordgepaw mewed, stepping towards you. “Alright, here are the rules…” I really don’t want to explain that all, that would take forever! :D
  6. It’s been two moons and your apprentice ceremony is in a moon! “The kits are coming!” A cry came, you turn your head and see that Moonfeather is in the middle of the clearing. Her mate, Birchfang, rushed towards her the same time as the medicine cat, Perchpool. “Don’t worry Moonfeather,” Perchpool said as he gave her some chervil root and a stick to bite on. It wasn’t long before it was over. “Two toms!” Perchpool mewed. You soon saw a rusty red Tom with yellow eyes and a pale golden tabby laying on the ground next to Moonfeather.
  7. A brown tabby with white paws came over, he had big golden colored eyes. “I’m Applefoot,” mewed. “Rainkit,” you say coldly. “Anyway, just wanted to say, I hope you like the kits,” he returns rudely. You’re shocked at his behavior, and he stalked away. You turn back to Moonfeather who is carrying her kits inside. “Did he say something rude to you?” Gordgepaw asked, licking your ears.
  8. Icyrain, the gray tabby Tom with white stripes, paws, and tail tip was coming over, a blue-gray she-cat gave you a quick glare. You notice her as Opalflower. “Hi,” Icyrain mewed, “it’s good to see you.” He’s friendly, you think and then say, “I’m Rainkit.” “I’m Icyrain,”he introduced.
  9. Anyway, it’s been a moon and tomorrow is your ceremony! “Hey Rainkit,” The kit you may or might not have liked is Flamekit, he was a bit shy unlike his brother, Dustkit (he is not open for a mate) “give you luck for your ceremony” “You mean, OUR ceremony,” Dawnkit rolled her eyes, “well, Snakekit’s too.” “Someone say my name? Snakekit’s voice came. You roll your eyes and go to sleep.
  10. “Snakekit, step forward,” Yellowstar, a golden tabby Tom with amber eyes mew, “step forward.” Snakekit steps forward. “Until you receive your warrior name you shall be known as Snakepaw, your mentor will be Foxfern, Dawnkit, step forward, until you receive your warrior name you shall be known as Dawnpaw, your mentor shall be Applefoot. Rainkit, step forward,” you step forward, “until you receive your warrior name you shall be known as Rainpaw, your mentor shall be Widowsight. (Me!) “Meeting dismissed.” Rainpaw! Dawnpaw! Snakepaw! Rainpaw! Dawnpaw! Snakepaw! Your clan mates cheer.
  11. Okay, bye!

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