Walking dead personality quuz

Well this is it I hope you didn't end up on the wrong side of the bat and that your character is alive if not we'll your kinda screwed but o well it's just a show don't take it seriously ok jezz chill out dude.

Ok this quiz tells me who your most like so I can match you with a character that describes you the most and how you would survive and how your like them and why so have fun and also play the tellatle series as well.

Created by: Batsintown77

  1. Which personality describes you?
  2. Choose a plan when outbreak occurs
  3. You encounter a survivor what do you do
  4. Whats your flaw
  5. Choose an occupation
  6. Choose a car
  7. Favorite band
  8. Choose a gun
  9. Who's your favorite character
  10. What's your role
  11. Choose a lost character
  12. Choose a quote
  13. What do you fear

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