Very accurate hp sorting hat quiz

As we all know, wizards live among us. They go to places on broom sticks, and use wands.

And you are one. You are going to hogwarts, and you wonder which house you will be in. Take this surprisingly accurate quiz to find out ahead of time, so you'll be ready if you have to take a flying car to your first ceremony.

Created by: sksk123
  1. Pick one word to describe yourself.
  2. What are your usual grades?
  3. Wat is your favorite color?
  4. Close your eyes and imagine you are soaring over a vast forest. You see a clearing. You keep going and come to a blue water fall. You turn and see a green bonfire. Your spirit animal will be waiting for you. Which do you see?
  5. Are you a prankster?
  6. Favorite food?
  7. Ideal job?
  8. Facial expression?
  9. Toy?
  10. Were you honest on this test?
  11. P.S. What would you say to voldy?

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