vamps vs werewolf vs hybrids

There are many hybrids in the world but they don't know it yet.What the heck is a hybrid?a hybrid is a mixture of both the vampire and werewolf who is able to see the world in a totally different view.

So,are you a hybrid,Do you have the enhanced dna of vamp+werewolf in your blood system?until now,you may wonder.But thanks to this great quiz,in just a few minutes,you will find out.

Created by: Malcolm Bloodsucker

  1. Do you believe in supernatural creatures?
  2. Which creature are you?
  3. Which do you think is stronger?
  4. Which avatar element are you?
  5. Do you know your zodiac sign?(the zodiac sign helps in uncovering your inner superbeing)
  6. in a scale of 1-10,where do you place a hybrid?
  7. what about a vamp?
  8. what about a werewolf?
  9. what is the ultimate weapon against a vamp in The Vampire Diaries?
  10. In battle,who would win?

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