How to tell if your a werewolf

There are quite a few werewolves in the world like hey there's Taylor Lautner he is secretly a werewolf I should know I shave his arms and legs every day. Ya I'm his hairdresser

Are you a werewolf? Are you clever and trained and you are very loyal I would like to thank I love it and it's good for asking for problems to not just for quizzes

Created by: Delilah Gertrude Barnes
  1. Do you love meat?
  2. Do you and your friends stay in a pack?
  3. Do you have big or medium fangs
  4. What is your sworn enemy
  5. What do you prefer
  6. Are you loyal
  7. Do you have a W marking on your hand?
  8. Do you have energy?
  9. Are you territorial?
  10. Are you flexible with changes?

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Quiz topic: How to tell if my a werewolf