Ultimate Britney Spears Fan Quiz

Britney Spears is a pop icon that everyone knows and anyone with a brain cell loves. Are you one of these people? Well, if you think you have what it takes, try your luck at this quiz.

These questions will test your knowledge of the queen of modern day pop. Can you rise to the top?Or will you end up a broke b---- at the bottom with nothing but a fake Louis Vuitton.

Created by: Britney

  1. When is her birthday? (Only a TRUE fan knows this. Don't google it!!!)
  2. What is her middle name?
  3. Which state was she born in?
  4. Where was she RAISED?
  5. How old was Britney's sister Jamie Lynn when she made headlines due to her teen pregnancy?
  6. Which single by Justin Timberlake is inspired by Britney Spears?
  7. How much did one of Britney's left over sandwiches sell for on ebay in 2006?
  8. What year did Britney begin her descent into madness?
  9. At age 11, Britney received her big break. What was it?
  10. What did Britney do before she was famous?

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