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This quiz is about baseball in the past and present. i would have added some questioins about the future of baseball but im not that awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

if you do good on this quiz you can go to your friends to ask them to take the quiz and probably do better than them, because nobody likes baseball anymore!

Created by: Ty

  1. who is the san diego padres third baseman?
  2. Who is the last player to win the triple crown
  3. who is the detroit tiger's DH
  4. *Free Question* Who played for the Yankees in the 20's and 30's?
  5. Who was the first Tigers player inducted into the hall of fame?
  6. Who is the manager of the cleveland indians
  7. how many times have the tigers won the World Series?
  8. what is the most dominant race in the major leagues
  9. who is the richest MLB player
  10. who is the owner of the Texas Rangers

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