Turtle love life!

Here you will play as Turtle of the sea wings.It takes place in the rainforest kingdom.With this you will be challenged with your love 💗 for a Rainwing

But you have to choose wisely.If you don’t you might have the love you want with this very special rainwing.You will then end up with someone unexpected.This is before you put the love spell on her.

Created by: Pineapple

  1. You wake up.You we’re spending the night in the rainforest kingdom.You smell the fresh dew on the leaves 🍁.
  2. You go downstairs the hut and see Kinkajou eating some berries.
  3. You say hi, then get some breakfast.
  4. So...You slept well... said Kinkajou
  5. Want to go to jade mountain ⛰?
  6. Cool.Okay
  7. You realize something.
  8. You go after her anyway
  9. Hey...
  10. She doesn’t talk to you.Awkward silence.
  11. After the silence you...

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