Truth or Dare (I'm BORED)

I'm bored, there are two truths and two dares. Have fun!!! Remember to do the dares, XD!!! BOI!!! Aloha!!! Bye!!! Au Revoir!! (Ok, I don't know French)

I cheated with Google translate!!! c'est un quiz de vérité ou d'action. Aloha a hui hou, e mālama pono. I am bored!!! I am so bored!!! Aloha!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: derecho

  1. Which one would you prefer?
  2. Would you rather?
  3. Would you rather?
  4. Would you rather?
  5. Would you rather?
  6. Would you rather?
  7. Would you rather?
  8. Fav color?
  9. Would you rather?
  10. BOI!!!

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