Triumph of the Camp Quiz

This could be a test about the camp in maine, or perhaps the questions that you expect to see will show up instead. I wonder how many characters I need to type to get to 150. Have a nice day.

Obligatory paragraph of one hundred and fifty characters that really adds nothing whatsoever to the test taking experienc. Make sure you have 2 sharp #2 pencils, an eraser, and a calculator with scientific notation. Good luck!

Created by: Dave
  1. In what year was the camp purchased by R & S Young from Grammie J?
  2. What was the purchase price in the transaction mentioned in question 1?
  3. What is the name of the religious magazine collected by Grammie and once found in the attic?
  4. What was the original color scheme of the camp's exterior?
  5. What material originally enclosed the cellar?
  6. Choose the best description of the original porch windows.
  7. What does it say on the boards covering the old door to the breezeway?
  8. Consider the wood flooring in the camp. Which direction does it run?
  9. Which of the following devices has never been used at camp?
  10. Describe the original bathroom door

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