transformers unicron trilogey quiz

thank you for playing my transformer quiz i hope you enjoy it also if your a genius whats keeping joan rivers alive i think its morpin or someting els

serously shes ancient even the dino saus will call her old also what is the point in pizza hut it has rubbish pizza its absolutly discusting i only like the ice cream

Created by: james jordan

  1. which one of tnhe names bellow is not an autobot ship
  2. who is unicrons creator
  3. who betrayed both megatron and optimus in armada
  4. which transformer series featured cyber planet keys
  5. wich transformer defeated unicron
  6. what is unicrons mini con called
  7. after tidal wave was crushed by an enegon tower and rebuilt what was his new name
  8. who was rebuilding unicron at the start of enegon
  9. after unicron was rebuilt what was his new colour
  10. finaly who created all transformers exept unicron

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