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I recently tooke a quiz of the original Total Drama Island and I decided to submit my own quiz, the idea of my quiz is to test your true knowledge and to see if you're a "true genius". ;)

So you think you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES to answer most of the questions correctly? If not, you must think again to try and answer the questions in my quiz, but if you HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, compete in my quiz please. :) ;)

Created by: Bradley Engelbrecht
  1. Does Total Drama:Pahkitew Island feature new contestants?
  2. Who is the two twins in this season?
  3. This season, the two names of the teams are "Team Chris is really,really,really hot" and "Team Amazon". Is this correct?
  4. Who is the Wizard in this season with supposly "magic powers"?
  5. In the intro of this season, Sugar is seen pushing a contestant of a cliff, who is that contestant?
  6. Jasmine is seen to have a crush on a contestant in this season, who is it?
  7. Which contestant thinks that Zombies are real and are also the crush/boyfriend of Jasmine?
  8. In this season a contestant loves to sing and watched and recorded every song in Total Drama World Tour,Who is that contestant?
  9. Who was the first two contestants that was eliminated in a double elimination?
  10. Who was the final four in this season?
  11. Which contestant tried to take over the island and show their "true form" plus, was the only contestant that Chris hated the most and were thrown with marsmallows at their elimination in the entire Total Drama History?
  12. In the finale (when Sky's audition tape is shown)she wanted to tell Dave before that she already had a boyfriend at that time and he was in the room when she made her audition tape, who was Sky's boyfriend when she revealed his name?
  13. On which island did this season take place?
  14. Which contestant was the offical winner in Canada and in most of the lands?

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