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Are you a fan of the To All The Boys Saga? Let's prove it then! Enter your answers below to show me how big of a fanatic you are. Good Luck! PS: Don't forget, it's just a game ;)

The first movie came out on August 17th, 2018, and ever since that day, my life changed for the better. I want you to show me how it has shaped you into the person you are today by answering these questions with good answers. Good luck to you, wherever you are in this magical world.

Created by: Sally Alame
  1. Lara Jean, the protagonist, wrote a number of letters to her crushes, someone sent them. I need you to 1. Tell me who sent the letters ? 2. Tell me how many letters were written ?
  2. After kissing John Ambrose McLarren in the snow, Lara Jean realized it wasn’t the right person, what did Mrs. Stormy tell her afterwords ?
  3. In the second movie of the saga "To All The Boys Ps: I Still Love You " Lara Jean had to volunteer for a retirement home. Do you remember the name of the volunteering place ?
  4. In which city does Lara Jean live?
  5. In the first book, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," Lara Jean Covey enters into a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky. What prompts Lara Jean to agree to this arrangement?
  6. Lara Jean has a favorite hobby that involves baking. What does she enjoy baking the most?
  7. Who is Lara Jean's first fake boyfriend, with whom she enters into a contract relationship?
  8. Which actor portrays the character Peter Kavinsky in the film adaptations of the series?
  9. Throughout the series, Lara Jean Covey's relationship with Peter Kavinsky undergoes various ups and downs. How does their relationship evolve from a fake dating arrangement to a genuine romance, and what challenges do they face along the way?
  10. In "Always and Forever, Lara Jean," Lara Jean faces the challenge of making decisions about her future, including college plans and her relationship with Peter Kavinsky. How does Lara Jean navigate these decisions, and what does her journey teach her about balancing personal aspirations with love and family?

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