This Quiz Doesn't Mean Anything.

This quiz is completely useless. Don't bother clicking on it because you will just get 0% on your result. Always. Just pack up your stuff again, and don't even think, about taking this quiz.

I don't know WHY I even put this quiz on the website. Anyway, really, you shouldn't have gone on it. Trust me. It's for your own good. You will be so dissapointed when you see your result, so just leave it.

Created by: Puppydog

  1. Say, why did you take this quiz? It's not like it means anything...
  2. Meh. You know what, I don't really care. You'll just end up sad and lonely with 0% on this quiz, nomatter how hard you try.
  3. You might as well end this quiz right now, being it not really a quiz at all...
  4. You know, none of these questions count. Being not questions at all. Why stay?
  5. Please go now. Your getting annoying. Just sitting there, taking this quiz. Isn't it boring?
  6. You are really starting to piss me off you know that?
  7. Ugh. Ok lets say that every time you take another question, a planet explodes. You have only 9 lifes.
  8. You know, not only is this quiz really pointless, its also really long and obnoxius.
  9. Its not worth taking this quiz. Its not worth rating, and defintley not worth commenting, so why don't you just run along, NOW?
  10. Hey you know what, you're very stubborn. I knew that from the beginning. or maybe your very dumb. Cant you read? It says, THIS QUIZ DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!
  11. Will you ever go? I said, YOU WILL GET O% on this! Why stay? I am telling the truth you know!
  12. This quiz i've made 50 questions long! Ha! not so insterested in doing now are you buddy boy?
  13. Choose a door then, if your so stubborn.
  14. Ha! Now you are as dead as a door knob! Now you CAN'T do this quiz! >:)
  15. Wait, that didn't kill you? Darn... anyway, we are going to be here doing this forever. Why don't I tell you a story hmm?
  16. So, one day I decided to make this quiz. It was called, this quiz doesn't mean anything. Got me so far?
  17. And then you took insterest in it, being very dumb and stubborn. Hey, you listening?
  18. (mostly) everything I said was true, but you still wouldn't go! so now i'm trying to get along with you.
  19. And so thats the end of that really (short) long story. Thank you for listening. Now where was I? Oh yeah trying to get you to leave.
  20. Ok, lets say that i'll give you a nickel if you go right now.
  21. Hows a dime for you then? Bad? Well then i'm just going to ignore you in that case!
  22. Lalalalala! I cant HEAR YOU!
  23. Ugh. Hey look at that!
  24. No but really, there is really something there! I PROMISE I won't slap you in the face!
  25. Darn.... Oh well. Looks like I slapped your butt at least! So whats your reaction to that?
  26. Yeah... Thats a pretty good reaction. Any way, hows a game of scrabble? Chess?
  27. Ha! I was just kidding! >:)
  28. As I said before, this quiz is pointless. You will get O% on your results no matter what, and this quiz is really really really really long. Got it?
  29. gsd+364+hhhh?
  30. This is SOOO pointless, that i'm just going to give you a random question now, like last time.
  31. Will you leave right now, rate and comment on this quiz?
  32. I'm gonna ignore you now for the next 16 questions! Hehehe!
  35. You seem to be immune to my ignore system..... anyway, I'll let you stay, IF you can find, THE DOT! . . . . .. . . . . .. . ..
  36. For the next fourteen questions you are going to be bored, as I talk about.....
  37. About................................
  38. ABOUT...........................
  40. Why do you even do this quiz?
  41. That was just a joke to get you to leave, but....
  42. So the square root of two is 4 i'm pretty sure and spelling cat, is like spelling mat but with a c not with an m and an a. Got that? And don't spell it with a K either!
  43. And 1+1 you should all know! so plus 2? is four... plus 1? 5.... DONT YOU KNOW YOUR MATHS?
  44. Hmm... While we are here i'm going to get to know you!
  45. So whats your favorite food?
  46. Oooh only 3 questions left. Hhehehehe! so will you go on the next question?
  47. pack your bags! See ya!
  48. Last question... WILL YOU RATE AND COMMENT?

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