this or that quiz!!!

hiya bros! i finally had some more quiz ideas! I'm not copying anyone and i never do so please no rude comments ok? This quiz will tell you if we are alike. I will ask this or that ?'s and you anser.

sounds like fun doesnt it? well how about you take my quiz? and all my others if ya want to. Please comment and rate! nothing mean though. So are you reddy to take this quiz??? I know you want to :P

Created by: harpusrox7

  1. quizzes or polls?
  2. pool or beach?
  3. pen or pencil?
  4. girly girl or tomboy?
  5. red or blue?
  6. hot weather or cold weather?
  7. dark colors or light colors?
  8. wind or earth? (which element?)
  9. water or fire? (elements again)
  10. darkness or bright lights?
  11. bath or shower?
  12. ice cream or popsicle?
  13. milk or water?
  14. cat or dog?
  15. painting or scetching?

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