You might think this is Twilight but it might have the same creatures but the plot is way different. You get to experince a whole new deal witht eh vampire and werewolf genre.

But do you really want to venture out into the fast area of the high school. Not all of us are normal. Get ready for the time of you rlife./............

Created by: Rascalflatts
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  1. You walk into the front desk room. You see this guy standing there, talking to the desk lady for a change in something.He tells her that his name is sam. When he turns around he pauses and looks at you, like he is about to puke.
  2. As you walk out you run into a guy. You say sorry but he says it was his fault.He offers to walk you to class. You say yes. As you 2 are walking you see another boy looking at you and he looks mad.He is pale and look buff. Although something about him scares you.You arrived at the next class. AS you leave the dude and he says his name is jake. As he leave you see is is slightly taller than every one. He also felt hot.
  3. AS you walk to class you sit down at the only table where there is actually seats. You sit next to the boy that stared at you you hear a hiss come from his throat. You turn away. Luckily it is just a lecture. After that he takes your arm and says "come with me." You try to keep up but it is too hard.
  4. AS he rushes with you he stops and flings you over his shoulder. You runs at light speed. You see something behind you. It is catching up with you. You say "Let me down. NOW!" as you yell he puts you down and he leaves you. You try to catch up and by surprise you speed up like him.
  5. Finally you reach the destination. It is a large hedge that forms into a circle. A huge circle!! You try to run through the hedge but it is like a stone wall. You fall to the ground.
  6. You get up. Rob comes over ans asks if you are ok. You told him you tried to get through the hedge but it wasn't possible. He looks at you worried.He tells you to hold his hand as he heads toward the hedge. Then you see sam.
  7. Sam walks over. He doesn't look so sick anymore. He actually smiles t you. He come to rob and says, "they're here for her." You probably think that when they say her that probably means you. Sam and rob take your hand and they walk for the hedge. you cry out, "no you get hit!" But they still have you. They are inches away from the stone hedge. But as you close your eyes for the smash, you find out that you have went through the hedge you are a mazed.
  8. When you enter. The boys turn, "_____ we knew you were coming. we want you to stay safe. Danger lurks around every corner. Then they leave you.
  9. They leave the area to talk. SO you decide to wonder and explore. as you walk you get farther away from the boys. You have reached a dead end. you turn around and see a boy standing there blocking your way. He has jet black hair with brown highlights. He has a short hair cut with side bangs. You notice him from class when he was headbanging.
  10. You ask him, "Who are you?" He walks forward. "I am zach. ______ we need to get you out of here the guys...they want you for something horrible." You ask him why he knew your name. He tells you that he knew. You try to get away. He pushes you toward the dead end.
  11. He gets closer and the gap is closed between your lips. HE kisses you. You put your arms around him and stand on your tiptoes. He pulls you in closer. You 2 are breathing heavly. Zach pulls away.
  12. You say, "Why did you do that." He answers "Because I love you and I want to keep you safe." The noise is getting closer. It is rob and sam. You yell out, "SAM, ROB!!!?? can you come here." You hear them rushing. You look toward zach but he is already gone. "What is it _____" "Nothing....i....just got lost. sam comes toward you hand hugs you. You squeeze him tight. You walk back to class.
  13. Finally we are done ready??

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