How Much Do YOU Know About Twilight

Some people think that Twilight is girly and idiotic, but that's becasuse they know nothing about it! they don't realize that the books and movies are amazing! They have no knowledge of Twilight at all!

so how about you? do you know your Twilight? do you deserve to be the president of your own Twilight fan club? or are you the one in the angry mob protesting against it?

Created by: rachel
  1. Who is Bella ultimately in love with?
  2. which one of these is NOT a Cullen?
  3. What does Edward save Bella from at Forks High School?
  4. what color is Edward's eyes when he is thirsty?
  5. what kind of car does Bella drive?
  6. When was Edward born?
  7. What beach does Bella go to when she finds out what the Cullens are?
  8. what happens when Edward goes in the sunlight?
  9. who is Victoria?
  10. how much do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Twilight