Theme Parks In England

This quiz will challenge your theme park knowledge! Only the best can get 100%. Try your best but prepare for defeat! This quiz will push your limits!

Learn your theme park general knowledge well before even thinking about attempting this quiz. People better than you have failed before. One last thing : GOOD LUCK!

Created by: HotCrossBunnies
  1. Alton Towers 1: What stands where the flume once stood?
  2. Alton Towere 2:How many loops did corkscrew have?
  3. Flamingo Land 1:What do you sit on while riding Velocity?
  4. Flamingo Land 2:Which ride held the record for being the worlds steepest ride until 2016?
  5. Thorpe Park 1:Which ride has a more than vertical drop?
  6. Thorpe Park 2:Which ride is not located in the dock yard?
  7. Chessington 1:Fill in the blank: Sit back hold tight, the ......... is taking flight!
  8. Chessington 2:Which of these rides is not a refurbishment of a different ride?
  9. Legoland 1:Which Lego Friend has their own ride?
  10. Legoland 2:Dino dippers is now known as......
  11. Paultons Park 1:Which ride goes backwards?
  12. Paultons Park 2:Which ride is based in a volcano?
  13. Drayton Manor 1:Which ride is a standing up rollercoaster?
  14. Drayton Manor 2:Which ride goes backwards?
  15. Adventure Island 1:In Tidal wave there are two colour tracks. What are they?
  16. Adventure Island 2:Which ride has the record for most naked people riding at once?

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