The zoo tycoon quiz--how good are you at it?

Play this quiz to find out how amazing your zoo tycoon 2 delux zoos are! Do guests like them? Do they enjoy the experience of coming to them? What about the animals?

Are the animals happy and do they feel at home? Are you aware of the spectacular secrets of the game? Take this quiz to find all this out!!! Thanks!!!

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. You play the game, right? If you don't I guess it doesn't really matter...but...
  2. Do you know how to change the money?
  3. Do you place trash cans and benches all around the zoo?
  4. How much scenery and real-life zoo things do you add to please guests?
  5. Which of the following animals likes a bit of gray/brown stone in their exhibit?
  6. Which of the main fences CAN'T chimpanzees climb out of?
  7. Do you mess around with the land in an animal's exhibit until the animals are happy?
  8. Which is your strategy?
  9. What does the hour glass on the bar of options do?
  10. Do you repair fences, make the zookeepers do their job, and replant trampled turrain?
  11. What is the usual rating of your guests' happiness?
  12. Why are some of the animals in your zoo complaining even though you gave them all they wanted?
  13. How often do you run out of money?
  14. Do you have a lot of zookeepers in your zoo?
  15. Do you pick up the zookeepers and help them get to their jobs or no?
  16. You care about your guests.
  17. You care about your animals.
  18. You constantly check each exhibit for food shortage, overcrowding, unhappiness, and poop.
  19. You add many trees, flowers, sculptures, water fountains, and stands to please guests.
  20. You hire mechanics to empty trash cans and pick up litter.
  21. You put in maps to show guests where to go.
  22. You know where to tell what animal is a guest's favorite.
  23. Ready for your result?

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Quiz topic: The zoo tycoon quiz--how good am I at it?