The Wishing Notebook

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This is an interactive story I'm starting :). It's hard to think of a topic when all thats next to me is a notebook and well... a computer *facepalm* Well Enjoy :D

So what will you get in the end? Maybe you didn't care for the book, or its just ordinary, maybe something else! But please comment on if I should make it longer more descriptive Etc. (Give me ideas :))

Created by: KKWarriorz
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  1. Your name's Andy.(be happy I chose a boy and girl name) ... Your an artistic human being with a touch of crazy! But so am i so
  2. Today is Saturday the sweet smell of pancakes flood your room. You wake up happy craving those pancakes :). Then you realize you live alone.
  3. (If you went to bed your alarm woke you up :P ) You look at the pancake and look at the person who made it. It was your Best Friend Kelly!
  4. She rolls her eyes and tosses you the key. That you always hide under the front mat. "Oh right..." you glance at the keys. "Well I... will be leaving."
  5. Then you suddenly remember that you left Kelly in your house and left with your PJs on. So you go change and then take a walk on the beach.
  6. The ocean slowly creeps up to your feet. You hear the birds chirping, the water rushing and a drunk hobo falling over next to you.
  7. You've never noticed the engraving before.But it's dirty so you wipe it off in the ocean. 'I never knew something so ordinary could be so magical'
  8. But you ignored it and kept walking. The sand was soft and squishy til 'Thump!' Looking down you see a red Book cover in sand and looks like it has been drowned in water.
  9. (If you tossed the book answer '...') It's just a normal book. Useless... But you open it and flip threw pages.
  10. Continue?

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