The ultimate Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare quiz

Are you ready to take the ultimate test... if so prepare for the best gamer quiz that you will ever take in your life... the ultimate call of duty advanced warfare.

Hey why are you still reading this shouldn't you be doing the test by now why are you still here come on are you a scaredy cat or what if not then prove it.

Created by: mayabby

  1. How much storage do you need to install the campaign?
  2. What is the first option when you are in the multiplayer mode?
  3. which is the first option when you are on xbox live standard list?
  4. which map has the tsunami on multiplayer?
  5. Which rank do you receive the crossbow?
  6. how many points does your team need to win the match on team deathmatch?
  7. almost done.. excited?
  8. random question?
  9. this wont effect your score, which call of duty do you love the most?
  10. derp

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