The Timmy Ultimate Test

How well do you think you know me? These are the basics of my life so I can't imagine it would be too hard! If you do well, you can earn a free drink ;-) Good luck!

Take the Timmy Ultimate Test! Score well and I'll buy you a drink! Otherwise, you better buy me a drink to earn some Timmy-time! Apparently you need it!

Created by: Tim
  1. When is my birthday?
  2. Where is my hometown?
  3. What is my favorite sport?
  4. Which name is actually the name of one of my cats?
  5. What is my favorite color?
  6. What is my middle name?
  7. Which is my favorite band?
  8. What is my nephew's name?
  9. What is my favorite snack to eat while drinking at the bar?
  10. What do I do best?

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